Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Another kind of fast web access!

My dear readers!

Are you offering free pdf documents on your webpages?
Are these pdf documents very large?
Is the free traffic in your web-package limited?

To prevent bad surprises and to gain new interested web-visitors you should try my app PDF-Analyzer Pro or my PDFIndexCut.dll (for using in batch).
I'll tell you why ...

If you want to upload a large document you should think at the interested user with a slow internet-connection, too.
It doesn't matter if you're using the linearized (fast web access) option while creating the document. Sure... the user can read the first pages very quickly but in the background the pdf-download grows more and more on his local harddisk. Often enough after reading the first pages the user knows that the document is worthless for him - one worthless download for him and worthless traffic for you as the website-owner, too.

Using my PDFIndexCut it's possible to separate documents in two parts - the first one we can call the index-part and the second one the content-part. The index-part should contain only the title-page and the index or the first starting pages. In the index-part there are free positionable links to the content-part.

If these two document-parts are online the interested visitor can open/download the small index-part to get a first impression about the whole document if it could be useful for him or not. If it seems to be useful he can click on the content-link in the index-part to open/download the large content-part. If it seems to be useless for a user there's only a small download and not mbytes of useless pdf-garbage on the local harddisk and you as the website-owner can keep the traffic low.

PDFIndexCut has options for the pagenumber where the document shall be separated, for the positions of the content-link and for the content-link-text. PDFIndexCut is very flexible and should feed your needs, too.
If you have only less large documents you can use my app PDF-Analyzer Pro 'cause the functionality from PDFIndexCut is there implemented.
Give it a try... there's a testversion available online.